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Key Word
Puzzlet Number
Dartboard 121Dartboard Scores
Day 20Counting the Days
190Count the Days for Palindromic Primes
Decimal 142Summing Decimal Digits
Deletion 106Selective Deletions
Denary 29Squared Denary and Binary Palindromes
59Denary and Binary Palindromes
91Denary and HexaDecimal Palindromes
147Denary Integer Reversal in A Lower Base
178Palindromes in Denary and Octal
Self-Descriptive Numbers
dePolignac 208dePolignac Numbers
Derived 98Derived UniDigit Numbers
Difference 163The Difference of Two Squares
223Integer Triplets with a Difference
DigiNum 184A Series of DigiNums
Digit 7
Sum The Cubes of an Integer's Digits
9Sum of the Factorials of an Integer's Digits
14Triplets of 2-digit Integers
16Multiples of Numbers from Powers of their Digits
23Integer Products by Digit Rotation
33Digits and Powers
37A 10-digit Pandigital from 3rd/4th Powers
41Digital Products
65Repeated Digit Product
107Even Digit-Count Palindromic Squares
109Concatenated Digits
110Repeated Digit Sums and 15
116Embedded Repeated Digits
124An Equation with Digits
125A Self-Generating Integer from Digit Cubes
132Self-Generating Integer from Digit Powers
133Primes from Prime Digits
135Numbers formed from Powers of their own Digits
138All-Even-Digit Squares
141A 10-digit Pandigital from 2nd/3rd Powers
142Summing Decimal Digits
150Digit Permutation Sums
1543-Digit Integer Reversal for any Base Change
156A 3-Digit Formula
158Primes from Prime Digit Permutations
165Digit Factorials Revisited
167Order Digits 
168An Integer's Digits Cubed Revisited
169A Sequence of Integer Digit Sums
171Primes from Prime Digit Rotations
181Contiguous Digit Sums
185A Prime with a Digit Pattern
191Contiguous Digit Sum Palindromes
192UniDigits from 7-Segment Displays
193A Repeating Series from a PanDigital
199A Sequence from Digit Sums & Products
201Squares of Sums of Digits
203Palindromes from Digit Sum Series
210Triplets with the same Final Digit Product
213Cubed Integers Equal Digit Sums
Dimensions 86Dimensions of a Box
Diophantine 63A Diophantine Equation
Discriminator 71A Quadratic Discriminator
Divisible 99Divisible Chains
Division 27Integer Division
35Division and Remainder
100 Palindromes from Division
Divisor 56Proper Divisors
114Proper Divisor Strings
Down 21An Upside-Down PanDigital!
Ellis220Ellis Numbers
Embedded 116Embedded Repeated Digits
162Squares with Embedded Roots
187UniDigits Embedded In Factorials
Equal 39Equal Products and Sums
Equation 5A Cubic Equation
34A Pandigital Equation
63A Diophantine Equation
82A Pandigitally Logarithmic Equation
124An Equation with Digits
Even 107Even Digit-Count Palindromic Squares
138All-Even-Digit Squares
174A Sequence from Odd, Even & Prime Numbers
Exclusive 152Mutually-Exclusive Squares and Cubes
Factorial 9Sum of the Factorials of an Integer's Digits
38Factorial Sums
148The Index and Length of Factorials
165Digit Factorials Revisited
187UniDigits Embedded In Factorials
225Factorial Primes
Factors 92Anagrams and Factors
115Self-Generating Integer Factors
182Squares from Concatenated Prime Factors
217Prime Factor Sequence
221Prime Factors
Family 40A Family's Ages
Fibonacci 61Prime Fibonacci Numbers
Figurate 188Figurate Pentagonals
Final 210Triplets with the same Final Digit Product
Flexible 105Flexible Fractions
Folded 81A Folded Box
Formula 156A 3-Digit Formula
Four 155Four Consecutive Integers
Fourth 60Fourth Powers
Fraction 3PanDigital Fractions
25Fractions - a New Method
105Flexible Fractions

Full Titles:A-C   D-F   G-O   P-R   S-T   U-Z, numbers


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