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Key Word
Puzzlet Number
An Oddly Abundant Number
Achilles Numbers218Achilles Numbers
Adjacent 128A Palindrome from Adjacent Squares
40A Family's Ages
102Related Ages
173Age Reversals
58Reversals and Anagrams
73Anagrammatic Products & 31
84Anagrammatic Products
92Anagrams and Factors
136Consecutive Integer Anagrams
195Hexadecimal Product Anagrams
Arithmetic 89Arithmetic Progressions and Palindromes
Base 147Denary Integer Reversal in A Lower Base
1543-Digit Integer Reversal for any Base Change
197Sums of Powers in Alternate Number Bases
Bottle 54Empty Bottles
Box 81A Folded Box
86Dimensions of a Box
Brick 118Twenty Bricks
Car 67A Return Car Journey
Card 127Playing Card Scores
Chain 99Divisible Chains
Change 1543-Digit Integer Reversal for any Base Change
Cheque 6Cheque Out This Error!
Circle 97Circle in a Triangle
Clock 175Digital Clock Segments
Code 189Morse Code & Palindromic Primes
Coin 22Sharing the Gold Coins ...
30Coin Combinations
Combining 17Combining Weights
30Coin Combinations
Composite 12Ordered Primes from Composites
186A Run of Consecutive Composites
219Composite to Prime Ratios
Concatenate 109
Concatenated Digits
149Squares from Concatenated Squares
182Squares from Concatenated Prime Factors
215A Square from Concatenated Squares
Consecutive 55Squares with Consecutive Parts
136Consecutive Integer Anagrams
155Four Consecutive Integers
186A Run of Consecutive Composites
205Consecutive Integers with same Prime Factor Sum
216Consecutive Primes With Target Intervals
Contiguous 181Contiguous Digit Sums
191Contiguous Digit Sum Palindromes
Control 176A Control Panel Problem
Count 20Counting the Days
107Even Digit-Count Palindromic Squares
160Counting the Months
190Count the Days for Palindromic Primes
198Counting 1's and 0's in Binary
Cross 194A Cross of Steel
Cubed Integers Equal Digit Sums
Cubic 5A Cubic Equation
50Cubic Suffixes
Cylinder 11A Cylinder and a Sphere

Full Titles:A-C   D-F   G-O   P-R   S-T   U-Z, numbers


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