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I haven't done any work on this site for around 3 years, due to finally retiring (for the third time).  I have also been very busy on another passion of mine, Amateur Radio.

However, I still get enquiries about Puzzlet solutions, programming, etc, so I plan to do some updates and maybe write a few new Puzzlets.

One major change will have to be the programming language used.  IBasic has been used for all Puzzlet solutions to date, but IBasic is no longer supported and has fallen into obscurity except for a few dedicated enthusiasts.  A new language is necessary for Puzzlet solutions.

In the past I have programmed in many languages, including Pascal, C, C++, Java, VB, SmallTalk, many Basic dialects, Assembler, and machine code.  However, I have found Basic to be the simplest for this application, and the most popular amongst our coders.  Basic has a very short learning curve, requires either free or low cost development software, and can do everything in our type of progammes that C++ etc can do.

I have done a fair amount of programming with Liberty Basic, a 32-bit Windows-based tool that can output to a console or window.  I have recently used BBC Basic for Windows (BB4W).  This has been thoroughly modernised for 64-bit Windows machines.  It has a great GUI, outputs to console or window, and can program directly in assembler if required.

So I will stay with BB4W for the time being.  There is a freeware version available.  The licensed version is only about 30.  It compiles to single-file executables in the blink of an eye, and those executables run really fast.  The documentation and support are very good.

Dave Ellis,
November 22nd, 2013.

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