Contribution on Puzzlet #178

From:  Thom Graff 
Thom <>

Hello again, Dave.

I found 9 numbers which solve this week's puzzlet:

00000 = 00000
02920 = 05550
09490 = 22422
13131 = 31513
13331 = 32023
26462 = 63536
26662 = 64046
30103 = 72627
30303 = 73137

I did this in Excel using an algorithm to separate both the denary and the octal numbers into digits, and then a logical operator to check for palindromicity (now THERE'S a word you normally won't hear in daily conversation.)  Luckily, Excel has a function (DEC2OCT) which performs the conversion automatically.  Also, I separated the problem into two sets: 0 to 32767, and then 32768 to 99999 to check for six-digit octal palindromes, but alas there were none.


Thanks for the input. You caught me out this week - I
didn't think of looking for integers beginning with zero!
I'm not sure if these are legal, in one sense, but I certainly
didn't exclude them.

Well done - I can see I'm going to have to devise a Puzzlet
which can't be solved using Excel! I didn't know it had a
Dec2Oct function.


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