Contribution for Puzzlet #026

From:  Denis Borris []

Program quite simple; half-english:
(6digit = a, 5digit = b and 4digit = c)

loop k from 663 increment of 1
get a by constructing palindrome using k [ex: 663366]
calculate m  [mileage so far]
if b+m and c+m not both palindromes then k=k+1 and carry on
print a,b,c,m
end here if you only want one !

-using 3digit k reduces looping in ratio 9:1
-it is easier not to worry about a, b+m and c+m
exceeding odometer size; simply "get" the last
6/5/4 digits of each.

Thanks, Denis.  This is faster than my original algorithm, and I've adopted it in my solution.  My approach to odomoter overflows is modular arithmetic.  Dave.


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