About This Site

I originally designed this site using DreamWeaver 4, with lots of graphics and embellishments.  There were plenty of little flashing symbols and all that eye-catching stuff.

The site worked well enough on XP machines using Internet Explorer 6.  I had to make some adjustments for Netscape.  Then I found a Windows ME machine with IE 5 that produced wierd results.  More adjustments!

I kept finding different combinations of OS and browser that produced odd screens - graphics the wrong size or in the wrong place, text that overlay other text, etc, etc.  Adjustments to suit one combination would often need further adjustments for another.

Eventually, I gave up and rewrote the whole thing using NetScape Composer, which is essentially straight HTML using WYSIWYG.  So far, no major complaints have been received.  Note that Netscape gave up supporting Composer a couple of years ago, and it reappeared under the guise of NVU, which has itself been superceded as Kompozer.  It's still easy to use, and still free.

Nowadays we are up to Windows 8.1, and Kompozer has been improved and updated several times. However, the combination is fine Puzzlets, and in accordance with the KISS principle,  I'll stay with Kompozer for the time being.

If only the industry could agree on one OS and browser, or at least produce web-authoring tools that were capable of allowing for all those differences, life would be so much simpler.  I know the professional web designers don't have this problem, or at least know how to get over it, but we amateurs, with access to only a limited number of browsers and versions of Windows, working unpaid and for fun, have to do the best we can.

In the meantime, if you have a problem viewing anything on this site, or just want to give advice, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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